comfortable middle class


During 70 years of living, I have experienced great joy and pain. In other words, I lived a normal life.

Based on these life experiences, I am proposing a new socio-economic class.

It's called Comfortable Middle Class.

I am a member in good standing.

Essays in this website discusss Comfortable Middle Class and other topics.

Home Page - Comments on each section.

My Story - How my life story resulted in these essays.

CMC - Essays about Comfortable Middle Class.

Women - Why women will lead us in the future.

Government - Suggested changes.

Business - More Suggested changes.

Physics - Unusual views on Time and Gravity.

I love quotes including my own. Quotes are sprinkled among the essays.

Here are two of my quotes. Both variations of well know quotes:

- - - -

When faced with difficult problem, think outside the box. By: unknown

Don't think outside the box. Smash it and build a better one. By: Dennis Wilmeth

- - - -

I think, therefore I am. By: René Descartes

My dog thinks. I believe, therefore I am. By: Dennis Wilmeth

Last quote says ability to believe in something that cannot be seen, like God, is what separates people from other animals.

Written By: Dennis Wilmeth
Published: 3/29/17
Revised: 12/8/18


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